Making the decision to use virtual employees in your company is definitively a smart move that has benefited and continues to benefit thousands of businesses across the globe.

From cost reduction to improved focus in your core business functions, you can greatly benefit from the ability to reach a remote, dedicated extension to your workforce.

Having a long-term agreement rather than going from project to project, provides a much better understanding of your needs and allows for higher satisfaction in the results.  As opposed to outsourcing your work to people outside your organization, through 360’s virtual employee packages, you can create your own, customized solution for augmenting your existing staff.

Our recommendation is always to look at virtual employee leasing as an extension of your staff rather than a replacement.  By creating a good synergy between your local and remote workers, you can achieve better performance in your business.

360 offers flexible virtual employee package that can be fully customized to your needs.  Your virtual staff could include a combination of different services including software development, software support, multimedia, document management and technical support.